A Lecture Series at IECL (Univ. of Silesia)

Professor Creston Davis

I will be giving an open lecture series on my book Truth After the Death of Meaning at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures at the University of Silesia, Poland.  This series will last ten weeks.  Here is the outline for the lectures:

1- Introduction–The Gamble of Existence
2- In the Name-of-the-Father(s)–the Bases of Psychoanalysis (Freud/Lacan/Zizek)

3- The Birth of Philosophy and The Object Little-a (objet petit a)

4- Philosophy’s “Sell-Out” (Plato to Christianity)

5- Kafka, Joyce, & Nabokov (Reasonable Lessons from Insanity)

6- de Beauvoir and Sartre (A Love Affair with a Broken Mirror)

7- Sloterdijk (Bi-Polar Philosophy)

8- Zizek & Badiou (What Can’t the Dialectic Do?)

9- Walk the Line– The Edge of “the Real” (Katerina Kolozova and Clayton Crockett)

10- Apocalypse Now!