Alexander Boguslawski’s New Painting “Three Philosophers” (or three sages in fancy hats)

"Three Philosophers" by Alexander Boguslawski

My friend and artist, Dr. Professor Alexander Boguslawski just finished another one of his brilliant paintings.  This one is called “Three Philosophers” (or three sages in fancy hats).  As you may have already guessed the three philosophers are the artist’s ingenious depiction of Jacques Lacan, Slavoj Zizek, and Jacques Derrida.  There are many hidden jokes in this painting which makes it especially fun for those who are familiar with postmodern theory and psychoanalysis.

Dr. Alexander Boguslawski is professor of Russian Literature at Rollins College.  He was formally trained as an artist in Poland where he grew up before coming to the United States where he received his doctorate in Russian Literature.

One can examine his other “magical” paintings here.