Post-Secular Investigations: A Lecture Series by Creston Davis (University of Silesia)

Post-Secular Investigations:  Philosophy, Literature, and Language in the Age of Re-Enchantment

—A Lecture Series by Professor Creston Davis

This lecture series will be held every Tuesday at the University Lecture Hall (Katowice) at 4:30 starting October 9th.

Lecture I:  Introduction—Transcending the Secular

Key Words & Methodology

(a) Post-Secularism

(b) Philosophy and Transcendence

(c)  The Literary Imagination

(d) Re-Enchantment

A tentative thesis:  The secular and the theological are insufficient categories and have resulted in a deadlock that I will propose to (a) identify; and (b) transcend.

Lecture II & III:  Figures  (The Subject of Trans-Subjectivity: the groundwork)

(a) Derrida

(b) Milbank

(c)  Zizek

Texts:  Derrida, Acts of Religion

Milbank, Theology and Social Theory

Zizek, The Monstrosity of Christ & Less Than Nothing

Lecture IV:  Themes  (Death is Not En Vogue)

(a) The Death of Death (Paul vs. Heidegger)

(b) Beyond the Deadlock of Modernism

(c)  Deleuze and Turmoil

Texts:  St. Paul (selections from the New Testament)

            Heidegger, Being and Time

Alain Badiou, Being and Event (I & II)

Deleuze, Difference and Repetition

Lecture V:  Redefining Philosophy

(a) What is Philosophy? (Deleuze)

(b) Spinoza and Post-Secularism (Toni Negri)

(c)  The Veil of Fears!  Nietzsche and the Last Man

(d) Is Nietzsche “post-secular”?

Texts: Deleuze, What is Philosophy?

            Negri,  Spinoza for our Time

Nietzsche, The Genealogy of Morals

Peter Sloterdijk, Rage and Time

Lecture VI-VII:  Language, Literature, and Subjectivity, or; “How Does Zizek read Literature?”

Texts: Jacques Lacan, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis

Jacques Lacan, The Language of the Self:  The Function of Language in Psychoanalysis

Slavoj Zizek (unpublished writings)


Lecture VIII-IX:  Theology and Psychoanalysis, or; “Can the Therapist Save Us?”

Texts:  Slavoj Zizek Paul’s New Moment

Marcus Pound Theology and Psychoanalysis

Creston Davis, Clayton Crockett, and Marcus Pound Theology after Lacan (forthcoming)

Lecture X:  Post-Secularism Towards Some Conclusions

Texts:  Creston Davis, Truth after the Death of Meaning

                         Katerina Kolozova The Cut of the Real

Francois Laruelle, ChristOFiction (forthcoming in my series at Columbia University)