A New Graduate School

A new day is coming, and very soon in which we are risking a pedagogy of thinking, of poetry, of love which is not conditioned on treating students as commodities–and thus reducing thinking itself to a pointless corporate exercise, that only ever reproduces itself.

Our new pedagogy unites thinking and action that believes thinking cannot be sequestered by a corporate culture, but is an act of freedom itself. Our model is unlike anything the world has seen, and we are risking this for the sake of an idea, of poetry, of love above all.

Our new Graduate School in Critical Theory will be going public in a few days in which we are offering an MA/PhD featuring a faculty that is capable of making this pedagogical revolution a reality.  Our faculty includes:

Alain Badiou
Daniel Barber
Agata Bielik-Robson
Ward Blanton
Bruno Bosteels
Arianna Bove
Rosi Braidotti
Drew Burk
Erik Bullot
Rex Butler
Ania Chromik
Joan Copjec
Simon Critchley
Clayton Crockett
Creston Davis
Farhang Erfani
Bracha L. Ettinger
Rocco Gangle
Mike Grimshaw
Dave Hale
Adrian Johnston
Athina Karatzogianni
Catherine Keller
Katerina Kolozova
François Laruelle
Paul Livingston
Catherine Malabou
Jeff Malpas
John Milbank
Tracy K. McNulty
Antonio Negri
Dorothea Olkowski
Michael O’Rourke
Marcus Pound
Patrick Provost-Smith
Joshua Ramey
Carl Raschke
Kenneth Reinhard
Jeffrey W. Robbins
Laurie Rodrigues
Mary-Jane Rubenstein
Kenneth Surin
Victor Taylor
Tzuchien Tho
Peter Thompson
Noelle Vahanian
Gianni Vattimo
Hent de Vries
Janell Watson
Rachel K. Ward
Margaret Young
Santiago Zabala
Slavoj Zizek