Published Article in Al Jazeera

Here’s a new article I wrote with my colleague in Barcelona, Santiago:


Enjoy your Governmental GAZE!!!

2 thoughts on “Published Article in Al Jazeera

  1. i crack up each time i see that hawking pic

    though i’d like to paper the halls of my department with your badass al jazeera! article,
    i wonder:
    the work to decipher ‘what is nonsensical’ could also be our very work for the good.

    totally agreed, no one like the cops. so rather than “policing the rule of linguistic meaning,” we form communities . but saying that we are working toward a future committed to democracy and the celebration of differences is to have faith in the nonsense of , for e.g., ontological self-identity and totalitarian praxis.

    “What is it about the anal-retentiveness inherent in analytic philosophy …?” to approach this, we might need a better therapy (i’m surprised at badiou), one that appreciates creative existential exuberance is born of no-meaning and so it persists.

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