Notes on Structure- Part 2

The concept of structure having independent causal power qualifies it as ontological in nature. In the social world, the ontological question revolves around the nature of social reality for all peoples in all times. Such a social ontology is related to the more general conception of ontology as a branch of metaphysical speculation concerned with the question of “being” of all things existent within reality

Quarks Upon Turtles

(quarks, emotions, truth, chairs, planets, universe(s), God and so forth). Ontology seeks to understand the generative principles accounting for the extension of all existing things, including inquiry into what appears to be basic coordinates of being: time and space and action of being, that is to say, causation. General ontological questions include speculation on possible modes and categories of being, the qualities of being and what necessary and sufficient conditions presuppose being. Consequently, general ontological questions presuppose social ontological ones, or conversely, social ontological features supervene on the general.

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