Paul’s New Moment– a new book by John Milbank, Slavoj Zizek, and Creston Davis

Paul’s New Moment: Continental Philosophy and the Future of Christian Theology

Here is a new book that Milbank, Zizek and I wrote, which will be published in the Fall by Brazos Press.  This book examines how Paul gives us the coordinates to breakout of the deadlock of liberal identity politics and into universalism.  This very paradigm has given the foundations on which all subsequent revolutionary gestures are indebted.

Recent studies on Paul in Continental philosophy are simply not radical enough and are not true to the radical logic that is unleashed in the wake of the Incarnation of the God-Man–Jesus Christ.  In this study we make it clear that taking Paul seriously  will radically restructure Continental philosophy and the future of Christian Theology.

The book unfolds in three parts.

First Milbank attacks Agamben’s view of Paul (which puts the latter in an impossible dilemma from which there is no escape).  Zizek then discusses the universal truth to Paul’s own “Truth-Event” (avec et sans Badiou) and I, drawing on Stanislaw Breton, discuss the movement of Paul and  subtraction from Socrates to Hegel.  Here the idea is that Paul’s universalism inheres in the movement of negation beyond Death and thus is joined to philosophy’s destiny.

In the second section, Paul is joined to the cosmic liturgical movement, which is interpreted by Zizek as the birth of the Church in the Spirit (and in the wake of the death of God in Christ).  In this section Catherine Pickstock contributes an extraordinary essay on Paul and the Liturgy and I connect up Paul’s subtractive ontology with Christian worship.

In the third and final section, Milbank engages Alain Badiou and Zizek discusses the future of Christianity in the wake of “Paul’s New Moment.”

4 thoughts on “Paul’s New Moment– a new book by John Milbank, Slavoj Zizek, and Creston Davis

  1. How can someone (“Paul”)who has been dead for 2000 years possibly have a “new” moment?

    In Truth and Reality the only way for “Paul” to be in any sense NEW is if he could be here in a living-breathing-feeling human form to revise what he is supposed to have said 2000 years.

    Especially as the entire Great Tradition is now freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

    There is nothing “universal” about either “Paul” or Christianity.

    There never was. And to pretend so in 2010 is a hubristic conceit.

    Plus there is now more “theology” being done and read than at any time in history. And yet the world is becoming more insane every day.

    If you want to see how truly awful right-wing religiosity has become, check out the various blogs associated with First Things—an outfit that promotes itself as THE leading journal/forum of religion and culture.

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